Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter + nail colour + Disneyworld video (my first vid)

Happy Holidays :) I apologize in advance as this post is a bit of a mishmash of stuff :p
Toronto Eaton Centre

I initially saw a girl on the subway with the colour..I had to ask her where she got it.  She said she purchased it at Suzy Shier.  LA Girls: Antique for $5.00
2 coats
The boyfriend and I went to Disneyworld and posted a video on youtube, please feel free to take a look.  I will most more vids since I have SO much footage.  I plan on posting a vid on just christmas lights/decorations as well as one about the Epcot theme park.  If you've never been before, I suggest you going in the weeks after the American Thanksgiving and before Xmas. We didn't do as much waiting as we anticipated since it was 'low season'.  Hope you like the video :)

For those Canadian readers, hope you're all having an amazing boxing week! I went shopping two days in a row O_O"....but I assure you the items I purchased were such deals!!! I'm very happy with my purchases.  Happy Shopping and happy holidays :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Japan snacks haul with a dash of Uniqlo

My boyfriend just came back from Japan today and he brought me back a couple of yummy japanese snacks that I wanted to share with you all.  He was only there for 2 weeks (family emergency) so he only took a duffle bag with him when he went.  When he asked me what I would like from Japan, I held my tongue and instead of blurting out "Japanese cosmetics!" I requested for something sweet: Castella! Mmmmmm so good! It's kind of like sponge cake but 1000x better. I know they sell these at T&T Supermarket, but the real stuff is just to die for :P~

mmmm Yummy
 He also got something call Nama Chocolate, which means raw chocolate.  He was shocked that I haven't heard or tried raw chocolate before.  Am I the only one that hasn't heard of raw chocolate? haha Anyways, these choco pieces just instantly melt in your mouth, so velvety.  It's so "raw" that when he purchased it at the airport, they packaged the chocolates with an ice pack and thermal bag O_o

And then of course there is Hi-chew, I believe you can purchase these at H-Mart or Galleria in the Greater Toronto Area, so yummy! They're kind of like Starburst, but are more chewy.  He also bought some cute candies (love the packaging btw) and a chapstick , which states it holds moisture for 8 hours!

...and then of course Japan has Uniqlo. Oh I wish we had Uniqlo here in Canada.  He bought me some tops, but I just wanted to share the Heattech top.  I remember when I was in Japan last winter, it was all about the heattech to keep warm.  I was very happy to see these tops as Canadian winters can get quite chilly.

My hair is just tucked into my scarf and thats why it looks short :p  The scarf was only $10 from pacific mall, Jacket $20 from Japan, purse which is open was only $25 from yesstyle, pants are Lululemon, and Ugg boots

Stay warm my friends :)

***Sorry I haven't been using cosmetics lately so I don' thave many beauty things to post.  Actually I'll probably be doing a blogsale sometime next month as I really need to give better homes to some of my costmetics! I'll keep you posted :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello~ Just a quick post letting you know that I received this email from Sephora yesterday about a 75% off Fusion Beaufy sale!

Hope you're all keeping well :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How many posts can I start with "sorry..."

Sorry...I know. I haven't been around, but I have valid reasons, believe me!
Without spilling too much about my personal life (not that you're interested) these past couple of months I have:
- broken up with my boyfriend of many years
- moved out
- moved in...and will move out again in the next couple of weeks. I'm really tired of moving -_
Despite all of this chaos these past couple of months, I have been able to enjoy the very hot summer days of Toronto. Here are some photos to prove it ^o^~

Pancakes with green tea for breakfast at camp?! Ohhhh yaaaa~

We call this "karei raisu" in japanese, it's basically Curry + rice lol A luxurious meal for camping IMO ^^

Turning red at the Ontario Science Center

All you can eat meat at Korean BBQ

Eating Okonomiyaki

Can you tell I have been doing nothing but eating this summer! I have gained 1"+ around my waist! Ahh...must get back to boot camp

Anyways, hopefully you girls (and any guys that are reading this) are enjoying whats left of summer ;) I hope to be back soon once I get 'settled in' within the next month or so! Please don't give up on my yet! haha

Thank you all for your love and support as always!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I know I have been absent, but I do have a valid reason for this. After almost 4.5 years of being together with my boyfriend, I have decided to end the relationship. With this break-up comes a whole bunch of issues that we have to sort out: like selling this house :(

I'm sorry...I will be back soon

"If you are neglecting things you should be doing, forgetting your purpose in life because of the relationship you're in, then you're on the wrong path. A healthy relationship is one in which two people encourage each other to reach their respective goals while sharing each other's hopes and dreams. A relationship should be a source of inspiration, invigoration and hope."--Ikeda

Monday, April 18, 2011

Guu - Izakaya

If you live in the GTA, you have probably heard so many people talking about Guu and how great it is. I have never been to the Toronto location, but my first experience of Guu was when I was in Vancouver - it was delicious! So last friday, for the first time, I was able to visit the 2nd location at Bloor and Bathurst that just recently opened. For those of you who don't know, Guu Izakaya is Japanese style tapas. The great thing about this place is that you get to try a lot of yummy Japanese food -- and it's not the typical Japanese food like sushi and teriyaki lol Yes finally a place that serves stuff like okonomiyaki, korokke, takoyaki, karaage...the list goes on. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so you'll have to do with my camera phone :P Takoyaki and some prawn

Saba, Carbonara soba and edamame

Okonomiyaki..mmm oishikatta desu^^

We were a group of 9 people and arrived at 630 on a Friday, we waited 1 hour before getting seated. I'd say this location was heck of a lot bigger than the Vancouver location - it was still very loud and noisy though ..I didn't mind that :) Do you like my new glasses? check out how small my eyes are! ahhaha jk! These are my friend's friend's pair of glasses... we were all very humoured by how big they were so I decided to rock them and take a picture for y'all :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Socks for Japan and OOTN

As I was eating my breakfast, I heard on the news that Japan was hit yet again with another earthquake this morning :( When will it end... Thank you to those who sent me supportive words of encouragement for my family in Japan, it means a lot to me!!!! Thank you to those who have sent your prayers and have donated to various organizations to help the people that are in need. I wanted to show you what I stumbled upon as I was searching online on how I could help: Socks for Japan I won't go into too much detail and bombard you with Japan earthquake stuff - all info is on their website. On a lighter note, I was able to go to Niagara falls for a girls weekend away and just wanted to share with you my OOTN

Dress was purchased from H&M - love the pink, grey, black in the dress

Shoes - Franco Sarto open toe wedges- super comfortable!!!

fun fun times.... :) Weather has started getting warmer here in Toronto - yay!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

OOTD & me likey Calgary

Just a super quick post I'm in Calgary for work and I'm plesantly surprised at how nice it is here. It reminds me of Vancouver^^ And...I must say, everyone is dressed really nicely here; it's like they're all made of money haha j/k!! This is what I was wearing today:

My legs look so short O_o

These shoes I got when I went to Buffalo for shopping (haul post coming up)..I love them! I love the grey colour with the pop of neon on the bottom :p I look like I work out when I wear these Hope you're all having a good week :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan

I look at this and feel so heart is yearning. Please Help.

[Image from google]

So, I woke up on Friday with texts from my friends asking if my family (in Japan) were ok. I was like "WTF is going on in Japan?". I turned on the tv and saw utter devastation. The first thing I thought about was my family. I called my mother and asked if she got a hold of them...answer: no. She told me she kept calling, but always got the busy signal. I decided to email them thinking maybe the internet is up and running? For the whole day I couldn't concentrate on work, my mind was in Japan. They emailed back Friday evening saying that they're ok, but still experiencing a lot of aftershocks. I heard on the news that they have been experiencing over 250+ aftershocks?! I have been reading comments from people stating that this earthquake and tsunami are just payback for things that happened years ago - really? I can't believe people actually feel this way..I can go ON and ON about this topic but I wont.

I don't know if you bloggers out there still read my blog, but if you do, please help...even if it's just a prayer for the people in Asia. Thank you

Links you can go to donate:
Lady Gaga's Pray for Japan bracelet
Doctors Without Borders
Global Giving

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drifting away

I've been extremely busy lately, putting in 60+ hr work weeks. I'm physically and mentally breaking down. I was looking at some photos of places that I have been in and around Toronto area ...just wanted to share some things with you folks...

Cheltenham Badlands - pretty neat place full of red and white hills. For those interested in the area click here

Distillery District

Tobermory - check out how clear the water is O_O

For those of you who have been to the Science Centre have seen this one before - check out how big my bf is lol (that's me taking a photo of the screen)

Picture of me in a canoe in Algonquin, taken many many years ago

Picture taken from the passenger's side as we were driving up north ..I just want to go somewhere and do nothing lol sigh

Sorry for not posting lately. I honestly haven't had the chance to really go shopping or do anything for myself. I'm actually breaking out like crazy because I'm so stressed. (Do you guys have any recommendations on clearing up acne?) Update: I have started the project 10 pan because I have way too many products just sitting there - it's a good time to start using my products that I have accumulated the past several months.

I'll be hitting up Buffalo in a couple of weeks - prepare to see a haul post! haha Just wanted to thank the subscribers that have stuck around despite my absence :) Thanks for the support! xoxo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Illumination (photo heavy)

I'm finding it difficult to look through my photos and weed out which photos to post. I was there to visit my family during the holiday season 2010 and as you may have guessed, Japan was nice and 'glammed' up. Lights and decorations everywhere. I was slightly disappointed though, I expected to see more :p

They call Christmas lights and decorations 'illumination' lol. My mother and I went to the Tokyo Dome and I was plesantly surprised :) A lot of the lights changed colours as well.
This one was really pretty. There was a seating area right underneath - it was very pretty :)

They had lettuce growing in this dome

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I spent a lot of my time in japan going to Ginza. When I saw how big Zara was, I had to take a photo! hahaha

Tokyo Metro Ginza Station

Dior so pretty

I'll leave you with this...hee hee :)


Get your mind out of the gutter ... hahaha this was a GAP display for jeans hahaha

Have a happy Valentines day :) I'm actually celebrating my 4 year anniversary with the bf on Feb 15th, but we haven't planned anything for v-day or for our anniversary. Now that I think of it, it's kind of sad :( I think I'm getting old - I'd rather spend the money on clothing or travelling instead of flowers and chocolates. Do you have any special plans (or perhaps you already had your v-day celebrations this weekend?)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little bit of Japan

Hello! I'm getting requests for photos of Japan, but I have been hesitating posting some of the photos up. I mean it's easy to find photos of Japan that most tourists and people take, so I decided to post photos of things that you usually don't see (hopefully). My trip to Japan in December 2010 was mainly to see my family. I didn't get to do much shopping or site seeing because several of my family members (at that time) weren't doing so well. anyways..enough of me blabbing....

I had a bakery close by and they had so many different types of buns and took several photos of them, but just wanted to share these two.

This one is based on Miffy :)

This one is based on Anpanman (translates to redbean bun-man)

While in Japan, I spent majority of my time near Ginza - here are a couple of photos:

Hello kitty store at Ginza - too many cute things in the store....didn't snap photos :p I felt awkward busting out my camera :p

The teddy bears were really popular when I went in December 2010. I told myself I was going to purchase a small one for my purse, but forgot to pick one up :( This store front display was at Ginza ...(for those Toronto folks, Ginza is like a HUGE yorkville)

These little guys I found on TV - why are the characters so darn cute?! There's domokun (the square brown 'scary' looking thing). Sorry forgot domokun's partner's name.

My first day there, went to the local drug store and bought a bunch of stuff :) So far, I LOVE the chapsticks and sunscreen. I was initially pleased with the DHC produtcts, but lately I don't see the same results as I did while I was in Japan :(
I have a lot more photos...specifically photos of dessert and food :p more to come! (btw, if you want those touristy photos, just let me know and I'll post them too). Have a great week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coffret D'or Essence Stay Rouge

Drum roll..... pretty^^ So while I was in Japan, I kept seeing the commercial on TV for the Coffret D'or's essence stay rouge. I was sold when I saw the packaging (>_<) I went to the store to check out prices and if I remember correctly it was about 2600 yen, which is approximately $30 CAD. Initially I told myself that it was too expensive, but then ended up caving in and buying it. I mean c'mon, I'm not in Japan that often -:p

I knew right off the bat that I wanted the coral one. I went to the store and did swatches, but decided the coral was the one for me (my mom thought so too lol)...unfortunately they were sold out. They had the other shades, but were sold out of the OR-106. Disappointed, I kept browsing the store to see if there was anything else that caught my attention. I found one of those beauty packages that came with a compact, one of these lip glosses and eyeshadow. I checked the package and it had the OR-106!!! My mom asked the owner if we could break up the package and he did it for us :D (I felt really bad for doing that because as we were leaving, he told one of his employees to look around in the store to see if they can find another OR-106 to replace it)...ok enough rambling...

I like the fact that you can wear it sheer, and also pack it on to have more colour. As you can see in the picture of the swatch on my hand, its somewhat pigmented. Since my lips are pigmented to begin with, the colour it gives is nice and subtle. Compared to other lip glosses (example MAC), it's not as sticky and glides very easily..I love it! I'm not using it that often because I'm so scared to face the day when I run out..

Good news: You can purchase it online at It's actually cheaper online (approx $26 CAD) and I believe shipping is only $2!..I suppose I can always purchase more from here if I run out (^^)

More stuff from Japan to come....

Happy Weekend!