Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coffret D'or Essence Stay Rouge

Drum roll..... pretty^^ So while I was in Japan, I kept seeing the commercial on TV for the Coffret D'or's essence stay rouge. I was sold when I saw the packaging (>_<) I went to the store to check out prices and if I remember correctly it was about 2600 yen, which is approximately $30 CAD. Initially I told myself that it was too expensive, but then ended up caving in and buying it. I mean c'mon, I'm not in Japan that often -:p

I knew right off the bat that I wanted the coral one. I went to the store and did swatches, but decided the coral was the one for me (my mom thought so too lol)...unfortunately they were sold out. They had the other shades, but were sold out of the OR-106. Disappointed, I kept browsing the store to see if there was anything else that caught my attention. I found one of those beauty packages that came with a compact, one of these lip glosses and eyeshadow. I checked the package and it had the OR-106!!! My mom asked the owner if we could break up the package and he did it for us :D (I felt really bad for doing that because as we were leaving, he told one of his employees to look around in the store to see if they can find another OR-106 to replace it)...ok enough rambling...

I like the fact that you can wear it sheer, and also pack it on to have more colour. As you can see in the picture of the swatch on my hand, its somewhat pigmented. Since my lips are pigmented to begin with, the colour it gives is nice and subtle. Compared to other lip glosses (example MAC), it's not as sticky and glides very easily..I love it! I'm not using it that often because I'm so scared to face the day when I run out..

Good news: You can purchase it online at It's actually cheaper online (approx $26 CAD) and I believe shipping is only $2!..I suppose I can always purchase more from here if I run out (^^)

More stuff from Japan to come....

Happy Weekend!


  1. Wooh! The packaging is gorgoeous! I'm jealous that you've been to Japan =P

  2. Oh wow that looks so cute! I like the white packaging, makes it look really clean =) So lucky you got to go to Japan ahhh still jealous over here haha!
    I hope you're well! =]

  3. I love that colour ! Would love to see more photos from your trip to Japan ;-D

  4. Aw thanks for the birthday wishes! Great that you started a 10 pan project~ I'm too scared to do something like that haha. I'm rooting for you!!! =D

  5. SO PRETTY!! eeks! i want to see the other stuff you bought in Japan!!

    and to your question on owning a dog :) the dog is acutally my bf's family dog so i dont know the exact costs. but they got a from a breeder already trained, had all its shots, and it's also 2 years old. it was also a pure bred dog so with that taken into account, the actual dog was $2500-$3000? i know its a lot cheaper if you get a from a pet store but those are usually pets that breeders can't sell off :(

    then after that you need to buy the initial stuff like - barriers for the house, crate, food, toys, leash, etc etc - so initial cost is pricey!

    after that you only need to worry about food/toys, and hopefully hopefully that you will have a healthy dog because vet bills can be really expensive!

    if you get a dog when it's a baby you definitely need to spend more time with it :) even this 2 year old dog required a lot of time and attention before he got settled in. i didn't know much about dogs fact i was slightly terrified of them but i loooove dogs now :) they remind you of the simple things in life, and they are always there to keep you company :)