Saturday, October 27, 2012

well hello there stranger...

Let me start off by saying I thought I was too old for school, but I got it all wrong. I went back to school full time and loved it~! My term has just ended and I can't believe how fast it went :s All I can say is : stay in school kids. I have so much respect for those people that continuously yearn to learn for more. I'm not saying you have to go back to school to learn more, simply picking up a book or a newspaper and using your brain is great :)

 Im tying the knot in a week I have so much to do. help. Here's a couple of videos about some jewelmint pieces I got recently. All I gotta say is that I'm impressed with jewelmint. Their pieces so far seem to be quite sturdy (and they better be since they're regularly $30 a pop), and I like that fact that the next girl doesn't have the same piece as I do.

that's it for now..but I'll be back :) Have a good weekend