Monday, June 28, 2010

NOTD and Giveaway

Just a quick post on my NOTD: picked this one up from Shoppers when they were having a Revlon sale. It's called Perfect Pink and it's such a cute pink for summer^^ If you're looking for a cool toned pink, this is it! It was a bit streaky so for some nails I had to put on 3 coats. I'm really enjoying this colour! Here are some photos: it's funny how lighting changes the colour of the nailpolish lol

At night - kitchen light on (no flash)

Daytime - by the window (this is more true to colour)

..and Jenny is holding a giveaway - be sure to check it out here!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 Honest things about me tag + goodies from France

Yup, so I'm still alive...just havent had enough time to sit down and do a post (sorry for the lame excuse)

So a very long time ago, I was tagged by Natalie here we go!

The 10 honest things about me
1. I wish I had some extended family here in Canada - I think it would be so fun to go out with cousins etc
2. I would love to represent Japan (in the World CuP) and put up one of those flags up on my car, but I have yet to find a place that sells Japanese's frustrating!
3. I have a crush on Sidney Crosby
4. I like burly men lol (I should stick a photo of my bf here)
5. I hate when things are disorganized and when things are dirty. It grosses me out to see dirt in crevices, corners etc...but I hate cleaning and would pay someone else to do it lol
6. I don't like to use appliances that have been previously used =\... I have got to fix this issue of mine b/c it can get expensive - I ended up purchasing a brand new washer/dryer for the house dispite the fact that the previous one was in good working order. (In my defense, the washer/dryer was really dirty ..I mean how does a washer/dryer become dirty? It washes clothes!!!)
7. I am disappointed with the Torontonians that have participated in the G20 protest - violence was NOT necessary!!!! If you want to protest, protest peacefully please

8. I get comments about my skin -my best friends say I'm too pasty and look sickly, yet some ppl say they like the pale skin. I am confused =\ I have been wanting to be darker though and have been researching self tanners - any recommendations?
9. I could eat greek food at least once a week and not get sick of it lol
10. I need to slow down and appreciate the small things in life - like the fact that I have the food in the fridge to eat, a roof over my head, loving family and friends, and internet connection (which allows me to interact with people all over the world!)

I'm tagging all of you!

My sis just came back from France/UK (for her honeymoon) and she brought some yummy sweets over ^^

-- sorry they all shifted during transport