Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beautiful Banff Alberta Canada

So I decided to use my aeroplan points and fly off to some place in Canada I have never been before: Banff, AB.  I have heard such great things about this place and since both the fiance and I love the outdoors so much, we decided to go for it! This is one place you MUST visit (if you're going to visit Canada).  It's simply breathtaking! We were very lucky since we had such beautiful weather the whole time :)

First stop of course is Lake Louise.  This is an alternate view of the lake (we had to hike up to get here)Check out how beautiful the water is!  To be honest though, Lake Louise is slightly overrated.  We found TONS of beautiful lakes and mountains to look at :p
So we were on our way from Banff to the Columbia Ice Fields and I decided to stop (right before Saskatchewan cross roads) and what a gem this was.  Hardly anyone was here since most people stop at the SK cross roads and I'm so glad we stopped here.  WOW Just wow... Fiance actually cooked up some rice and curry in a small burner and we had a very nice warm lunch with a breaktaking view :)

That's him warming up the curry using the burner ( one around! lol)

Beautiful Lake Peyto

Lake Moraine: best lake we visited IMO.  I liked this lake a lot more than Lake Louise.  We were told that this lake is very pretty close to sunset and the parking isn't as bad during that time as well :)  We got 'lucky' with the parking.  Long story short, there was a huge line up of cars for parking spots, I let a guy in before me since he seemed like he was waiting for a long time - cut to the chase- he ended up getting a parking spot and so did I :)
Of course we had some noodles while we enjoyed the view of Lake Moraine

Another random stop on the road - stunning!

Saw 4 bears during our trip :)
Banff city at night

I have so many more photos, but I don't want to bombard you with Banff.  It was such an experience I will never forget.  What are some places you have been that are 'must visits'? 
On a side note: sometimes I just want to blog about some random stuff.  Mostly things about my wedding these days (since I'm getting married later this year). I just can't imagine how some people spend so much money on one single day. Also, doesn't the bride/groom ever feel bad asking friends to cough out all this money for one single couple? Can you imagine having to attend 5 weddings in a year.  Each wedding there is: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) party, stag and doe etc..That's a lot of money! >_<...what are your thoughts?