Monday, November 21, 2011

Japan snacks haul with a dash of Uniqlo

My boyfriend just came back from Japan today and he brought me back a couple of yummy japanese snacks that I wanted to share with you all.  He was only there for 2 weeks (family emergency) so he only took a duffle bag with him when he went.  When he asked me what I would like from Japan, I held my tongue and instead of blurting out "Japanese cosmetics!" I requested for something sweet: Castella! Mmmmmm so good! It's kind of like sponge cake but 1000x better. I know they sell these at T&T Supermarket, but the real stuff is just to die for :P~

mmmm Yummy
 He also got something call Nama Chocolate, which means raw chocolate.  He was shocked that I haven't heard or tried raw chocolate before.  Am I the only one that hasn't heard of raw chocolate? haha Anyways, these choco pieces just instantly melt in your mouth, so velvety.  It's so "raw" that when he purchased it at the airport, they packaged the chocolates with an ice pack and thermal bag O_o

And then of course there is Hi-chew, I believe you can purchase these at H-Mart or Galleria in the Greater Toronto Area, so yummy! They're kind of like Starburst, but are more chewy.  He also bought some cute candies (love the packaging btw) and a chapstick , which states it holds moisture for 8 hours!

...and then of course Japan has Uniqlo. Oh I wish we had Uniqlo here in Canada.  He bought me some tops, but I just wanted to share the Heattech top.  I remember when I was in Japan last winter, it was all about the heattech to keep warm.  I was very happy to see these tops as Canadian winters can get quite chilly.

My hair is just tucked into my scarf and thats why it looks short :p  The scarf was only $10 from pacific mall, Jacket $20 from Japan, purse which is open was only $25 from yesstyle, pants are Lululemon, and Ugg boots

Stay warm my friends :)

***Sorry I haven't been using cosmetics lately so I don' thave many beauty things to post.  Actually I'll probably be doing a blogsale sometime next month as I really need to give better homes to some of my costmetics! I'll keep you posted :)