Saturday, August 20, 2011

How many posts can I start with "sorry..."

Sorry...I know. I haven't been around, but I have valid reasons, believe me!
Without spilling too much about my personal life (not that you're interested) these past couple of months I have:
- broken up with my boyfriend of many years
- moved out
- moved in...and will move out again in the next couple of weeks. I'm really tired of moving -_
Despite all of this chaos these past couple of months, I have been able to enjoy the very hot summer days of Toronto. Here are some photos to prove it ^o^~

Pancakes with green tea for breakfast at camp?! Ohhhh yaaaa~

We call this "karei raisu" in japanese, it's basically Curry + rice lol A luxurious meal for camping IMO ^^

Turning red at the Ontario Science Center

All you can eat meat at Korean BBQ

Eating Okonomiyaki

Can you tell I have been doing nothing but eating this summer! I have gained 1"+ around my waist! Ahh...must get back to boot camp

Anyways, hopefully you girls (and any guys that are reading this) are enjoying whats left of summer ;) I hope to be back soon once I get 'settled in' within the next month or so! Please don't give up on my yet! haha

Thank you all for your love and support as always!