Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Topbox 2012 unboxing YT video

Just a quick video on my July Topbox.  I also purchased some House of Harlow pieces and did a mini-review as well :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yumeko’s Weekly Photo Challenge #7 – Vacation Edition

I have been following Yumeko and she has these weekly photo challenges and decided to take it up for this week :)

1. Somewhere you visited on your last vacation
I apologize as my last vacation was Japan (sorry if it's repetitive)


Fiance and I went to a ryokan that had a private onsen (hot springs bath) on our balcony.  I LOVED it, we could go in whenever we wanted to and the water was hot hot hot! Love! 

2. Something you bought on your last vacation

I decided to hit up the Burberry Blue Label store as they don't sell this in Canada.  More to come on this topic :s I ended up buying FOUR purses while I was in Japan OMG >____<

3. Something you ate on your last vacation

Went to a restaurant called Sansui - so yummy (and look how much food there is) ^^
Of course when you go to Japan, you MUST try desserts there.  It just doesn't compare with our sad selection of pies and cheesecakes lol There's an endless amount of options in Japan and I always find that it's a lot lighter ... so I can eat more haha >_<"

4. A ticket/bill/receipt from your last vacation

Unfortunately cannot find anything...:S sorry about that!

5. The number one place where you live, that you think people should visit

Of course...the almighty Niagara Falls
I suppose I could have posted something like the CN tower, but to be honest with you, I think Niagara Falls is a MUST! Although it may take a little over an hour to get there from Toronto, it's just breathtaking! The power of the falls is just so incredible! I remember hearing somewhere that Niagara is the #1 honeymoon destination in the world lol Don't know if this is true, but it's a definite must go!

....last but not least, here's a video on YT that I just posted about my trip to japan

Have an awesome week everyone!