Monday, June 28, 2010

NOTD and Giveaway

Just a quick post on my NOTD: picked this one up from Shoppers when they were having a Revlon sale. It's called Perfect Pink and it's such a cute pink for summer^^ If you're looking for a cool toned pink, this is it! It was a bit streaky so for some nails I had to put on 3 coats. I'm really enjoying this colour! Here are some photos: it's funny how lighting changes the colour of the nailpolish lol

At night - kitchen light on (no flash)

Daytime - by the window (this is more true to colour)

..and Jenny is holding a giveaway - be sure to check it out here!


  1. jeahh i am looking for the perfect pink for summer!! is it a cream finish?? i want one with no glitter =/

  2. u're alive!!!! I missed your posts!
    How is the new place? did you guys decide on whether or not to get a kitty yet?
    Ah I remember you asked me whether mine scratched furniture, they don't actually! you'll need to get a scratching post and teach them to scratch that instead of your furniture. When you see them about to scratch, you pick them up, and put their paws onto the post and they'll soon understand that they can only scratch the post xD

  3. The colour looks so nice! Though I wonder why Revlon hasn't changed the packaging -___- It looks so old school..