Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little bit of Japan

Hello! I'm getting requests for photos of Japan, but I have been hesitating posting some of the photos up. I mean it's easy to find photos of Japan that most tourists and people take, so I decided to post photos of things that you usually don't see (hopefully). My trip to Japan in December 2010 was mainly to see my family. I didn't get to do much shopping or site seeing because several of my family members (at that time) weren't doing so well. anyways..enough of me blabbing....

I had a bakery close by and they had so many different types of buns and took several photos of them, but just wanted to share these two.

This one is based on Miffy :)

This one is based on Anpanman (translates to redbean bun-man)

While in Japan, I spent majority of my time near Ginza - here are a couple of photos:

Hello kitty store at Ginza - too many cute things in the store....didn't snap photos :p I felt awkward busting out my camera :p

The teddy bears were really popular when I went in December 2010. I told myself I was going to purchase a small one for my purse, but forgot to pick one up :( This store front display was at Ginza ...(for those Toronto folks, Ginza is like a HUGE yorkville)

These little guys I found on TV - why are the characters so darn cute?! There's domokun (the square brown 'scary' looking thing). Sorry forgot domokun's partner's name.

My first day there, went to the local drug store and bought a bunch of stuff :) So far, I LOVE the chapsticks and sunscreen. I was initially pleased with the DHC produtcts, but lately I don't see the same results as I did while I was in Japan :(
I have a lot more photos...specifically photos of dessert and food :p more to come! (btw, if you want those touristy photos, just let me know and I'll post them too). Have a great week!


    & I'm drooling all over your drugstore haul! I wanna try everything from Japan!

  2. Oooh love love this post! And yes PLEASE post tourist posts~ I love those kinds of posts hehe.

  3. anpanman is super cute!! want to nom on its nose hahah