Sunday, February 13, 2011

Illumination (photo heavy)

I'm finding it difficult to look through my photos and weed out which photos to post. I was there to visit my family during the holiday season 2010 and as you may have guessed, Japan was nice and 'glammed' up. Lights and decorations everywhere. I was slightly disappointed though, I expected to see more :p

They call Christmas lights and decorations 'illumination' lol. My mother and I went to the Tokyo Dome and I was plesantly surprised :) A lot of the lights changed colours as well.
This one was really pretty. There was a seating area right underneath - it was very pretty :)

They had lettuce growing in this dome

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I spent a lot of my time in japan going to Ginza. When I saw how big Zara was, I had to take a photo! hahaha

Tokyo Metro Ginza Station

Dior so pretty

I'll leave you with this...hee hee :)


Get your mind out of the gutter ... hahaha this was a GAP display for jeans hahaha

Have a happy Valentines day :) I'm actually celebrating my 4 year anniversary with the bf on Feb 15th, but we haven't planned anything for v-day or for our anniversary. Now that I think of it, it's kind of sad :( I think I'm getting old - I'd rather spend the money on clothing or travelling instead of flowers and chocolates. Do you have any special plans (or perhaps you already had your v-day celebrations this weekend?)


  1. Lucky you! I'd love to visit Japan and shop there!! Your pictures look beautiful! Happy Vday! :D

  2. :O I want to visit Japan again. And that last picture totally freaked me out haha. That's so funny though, for a shop display XD

  3. happy vday to u too!

    great pics
    & they make me want to go to japan!!

    haha At the last pic lol!

  4. Aww happy anni to you and your bf! That's so sweet ^^ Loved the pictures by the way, there is probably no way the camera could've picked up how pretty it really must have been. I laughed at the last picture. That's a very good marketing tool as it'll definitely catch people's attention -.-

    And funny thing~! I read your comment about Japan Buffet after I went out to go eat, and guess what? My sister and her bf brought my family to the same place you suggested haha! It was really good! =)