Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drifting away

I've been extremely busy lately, putting in 60+ hr work weeks. I'm physically and mentally breaking down. I was looking at some photos of places that I have been in and around Toronto area ...just wanted to share some things with you folks...

Cheltenham Badlands - pretty neat place full of red and white hills. For those interested in the area click here

Distillery District

Tobermory - check out how clear the water is O_O

For those of you who have been to the Science Centre have seen this one before - check out how big my bf is lol (that's me taking a photo of the screen)

Picture of me in a canoe in Algonquin, taken many many years ago

Picture taken from the passenger's side as we were driving up north ..I just want to go somewhere and do nothing lol sigh

Sorry for not posting lately. I honestly haven't had the chance to really go shopping or do anything for myself. I'm actually breaking out like crazy because I'm so stressed. (Do you guys have any recommendations on clearing up acne?) Update: I have started the project 10 pan because I have way too many products just sitting there - it's a good time to start using my products that I have accumulated the past several months.

I'll be hitting up Buffalo in a couple of weeks - prepare to see a haul post! haha Just wanted to thank the subscribers that have stuck around despite my absence :) Thanks for the support! xoxo


  1. Hey sweetie! I know what it's like to be putting in the long hours at work. The important thing is to enjoy the time that you do have and always remember not to take anything too seriously...having fun at work always helps too^^

    I use a clindamycin solution in my face lotion to keep my acne at bay...hope you're feeling better!

  2. Oh you guys make me envious because you talk about work... not that work is great or anything... but I'm so tired of academia *sigh*
    I want to make money and live my life already haha! There are a couple of places I've never been before in your post. Definitely have to explore more ^^ Well, I think it'd be more fun once I find my love to share it with ^^