Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back from Japan - very mini giveaway

Happy New Year~!

I'm back from Japan and already back into the grind...-_- I'll post some photos of Japan etc in another post. I just wanted to do a quick mini giveaway since the item I am giving away is somewhat time sensitive

I received this 2011 planner in one of my magazines that I have purchased while I was in Japan and decided to give it to someone that will use it. The front says "2011 Diary Biteki x Maybelline" and has a bunch of red hearts. It has a section with months and a section with weeks. It also comes with one of those string dividers (which I love and my current planner does not come with! boo!). It's quite thin (approx 1 cm) -nice and compact :)

- I'll choose the winner using
- Open internationally
- Must be a follower
- Must be of age in your country or have permission to participate
- Please enter something you are proud of - it can be anything you want!
- Contest ends 11:59 pm EST Thurs Jan 13, 2011
- Winner must respond within 48 hours of initial contact by me

Good luck to you all!


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  2. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Japan!

    I am a GFC follower, fortheloveofbeautybylara

    I am proud of... my love of MacDonald's vanilla icecream... their sundaes are soooo yummy! ^^

    My e-mail:

  3. Aww thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    I'm proud that I've been keeping track of my daily spendings everyday since December in hopes to track and hopefully curb my spending habits this year!

    Can't wait to hear your Japan trip stories in pictures!!! :D

    <3 Tammy

    tammy (at) tummycake (dot) com

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower(=

    And for the new year, I'm proud of not procrastinating anymore for school!(:

  5. aww cute planner!

    im very proud of my dog moss for giving birth to 3 adorable puppies and for really being a great mom to them. :)

    would love to read more of your japan haul. :)

  6. Hey! Yay you got back home safely! Had lots of fun yes? =D I'm not entering as I never make use of any calendars haha, but just wanted to drop in and say Happy New Years and I can't wait for you next post, much anticipated!!

  7. hi hun,

    i love planners and im taking part ^_^
    i followed via GFC (rhain)
    im proud being the breadwinner of my family.. my younger sibling will be graduating this april ^_^ and im proud of her..

    my email add:
    my blog url:

    much love,

  8. i also got mine from biteki mag though i dont find myself using it. maybe i should give it out too. thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  9. hi~~ happy new year! can't wait for your japan post. i'm going there end of this month and want to pick up some pointers :)