Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's that time of year again.. bday! hahaha j/k..well not really. My bday is actually on Dec 25 :(

Anyways, here are a couple of shots of my tree

Surprisingly I got all decorations from Canadian Tire - what?!~ crazy right? hahah This is my first year getting a normal sized tree so I was very excited to decorate it :) It's a very earthy toned tree with greens, browns, cremes, golds likey!

Then I found this bedazzled tree - it's so pretty! The picture doesn't depict it very well, but it's very sparkly and girly - loves it :D

I already got my bday/xmas gift from my bf...sigh there is no excitement what so ever! He totally lucked out being with me because he only needs to get me one gift for my bday/xmas and one gift for valentines day/anniversary! No fun! When I was a kid, I really wanted my bday in the summer so that I could have bday parties - it's hard to have a party when everyone is spending their day with family and xmas dinner :p Does anyone else have a bday where the holidays over shadow their special day? lol

Today I am thankful for my hearing: to have the ability to listen to music, to hear people speak, to hear the train pass by, to hear my bf's voice. I can't imagine what life would be like if I lost my hearing.......

Have a good weekend ! If I don't post before I leave for my trip: Happy Holidays to you all and be safe!!!


  1. Awww I have a friend too whose birthday is on Christmas too and that's her complaint as well hehe Your tree looks lovely :)

  2. i love your tree!!! i've only done a blue/silver and a green/red theme to my christmas tree, never gold! maybe next year ^^! and i heard the news back home that I received your goodies!! i can't wait to go home for christmas to try that mask! :D thanks again!!!! <33!

  3. Haha, I hear what you're saying. My sister's birthday falls 5 days short from Christmas day and most people give her a combined birthday/Christmas present !

    That is a gorgeous christmas tree. I only remember two Christmases where we actually had a christmas tree ! I guess our parents didn't really celebrate it as passionately as others ! However, I'm thinking I should probably start my own tradition now that i've moved out ;-)

  4. I am too lazy to put up the tree... so have not had a proper xmas opening present day since forever so I am quite jealous of your tree!! XD

    have a safe trip!!

  5. Haha! No way! My mom's birthday is on the 25th too lolol. Very pretty elegant tree! I like earthy toned trees, they give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Have fun on your trip you lucky duck!!

  6. I always thought it would be fun to have birthday near holiday parties because parties and presents would only get grander, but now that you mention it I see how it can be disadvantageous. I hope you have a great birthday (and Christmas) anyhow.

    Your Christmas tree looks amazing and I'm a little jealous because I've never had one haha. If I did, I think I would have troubles deciding what theme to make it since I love the blue frosty themed ornaments, but at the same like I love the warmth of the gold as you've so lovely displayed ;) But ornaments are expensive so I guess I can't buy both sets...

  7. Gosh, u have the same excat problem as me eventhough I was born on the 13th of December but still I receive 1 presnt for my birthday/christmas and new year so I totally understand u , worst of all is that I didn't receive a single present this year yet coz everybody is waiting for Christmas to come first,ha ha ha...
    Lovely trees, I really love bedazzled tree , I wish they sold them here..Happy Holidays hun...

  8. omg I wish my bday was in the summer too (I'm in Feb) but then I realized that I'm older than most of my friends. tehe.. Sucks how people combine your gifts though! I would hate that!! :(

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. awww I'd like seperate presents for each occasion!!

    Nice Christmas tree btw! :) I wish mine was up!

    Found your blog through Mookxi when she says she won the giveaway!

    I look forward to more posts & more time on ur blog! :)

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  11. happy belated bday!! can't believe its on 25th!! what did you end up getting from your bf?? :D

  12. your bf is so awesome!! i can't believe he bought you the D&G #3 perfume when you didn't tell him O_O i am in awe. my bf would never be able to tell what kind of perfume i like lol perhaps your bf was stalking our comments back and forth to each other?! hahaha

    i tagged you in a "i love your blog" tag btw!! ;)