Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Fridays are for Canadians too!

So I went to Sherway this morning since I had to pick up some items for a bday that's coming up soon and was pleasantly surprised with all the great deals the stores had!

The Body Shop has 3 items for $30 for EVERYTHING (excluding gift baskets/kits). Details here. I haven't really tried their skincare line so I decided to go for it! I bought a face powder brush and also a retractable brush as well - both are very soft. I know they were mentioned in Oprah's O magazine as well. I'm contemplating if I should do another Body Shop haul via online lol..Does anyone have any product recommendations on their skincare line?

Urban Behaviour had 40% off everything- bought some earrings. They had a nice military style coat, but I have way too many coats!

Jacob had 40% off everything - this also included their jacob intimates store - bought some nice stuff there!

There were tons of other stores that also had deals (20-40%) going on as well. BR was 25%, Mexx I believe was 40%, costa blanca was 40%...worth while checking out!

Both Sears and The Bay had tons of sales going on too! I'm glad I went today because my bf usually never goes out for boxing day shopping :( I did a big haul at Charlotte Russe online as well -- must save money, what am I doing!

Anyway, I lucked out and got the Naked palette! woop woop! I actually picked it up last Friday at Sephora Square One location. I went there around 11 am and picked up the 2nd last palette haha. I remember the rep from Sephora Eaton Centre telling me that they usually receive stock on Fridays ;)

I put up my xmas tree - will post that up soon as well.

Here I leave you with a photo of me at my bf's brother's wedding :) I was pleased with how my hair turned out :) I usually don't like putting it up because I have big elephant Dumbo ears, but it turned out nicely.

Happy Thanksgiving - Black Friday to those living in the States! Happy Weekend y'all :)


  1. Awww, your hair looks so nice! what are you talking about Dumbo ears?!
    Body shop Vitamin E line is pretty good and my mum likes their Wise Woman line hand cream.
    Did you get the $25 tote bag with all the extra goodies inside from Body Shop?
    I need to check out Mexx and Jacobs after work!

  2. Ohh that is a lovely picture of you!
    Please update on us with the Body Shop skincare products you purchased once you get around to it ! =)

  3. awww so pretty! love the hair...&& nooo you do not have dumbo ears silly...aahhh im hoping ill be able to get that naked palette soon..

  4. I didn't know that Canada did Black Friday sales too (at least not in stores!) Did you do any Cyber Monday hauling?! :D
    The NAKED palette looks great! I keep wanting to get it for myself too but iunnooss...I need to stop buying makeup! lol

  5. I heard that Canada was starting to do the Black Friday sales from my bf recently LOL! I was like "What??" I think it has yet to catch on here in Canada. I went to Square One that day, SO close to going to Sherway, perhaps I would have seen you har har. You got some really nice things! Good deals too! And I'm totally loving you hair!

  6. did you do your own hair??!!? I need to learn how to curl my hair properly... i guess step one is to get a curler but i was trying to be frugal and use my straightener hahah

  7. Hi, I just recently stumbled upon your blog!!
    Are you a fellow Torontonian too!? YAY!!!

    And your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!!