Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first GIVEAWAY :D


Yes,..I know I only have 29 people following me, but reality is I have way too many items in my closet that aren't being loved. Instead of having it just sit there, I have decided to give these items to you!

There will be two giveaways:
Group 1. For those followers that have recently joined (after Nov 2) - I don't anticipate there being many
Group 2. For those followers that have been there since the beginning

Here is what you're getting (group 1 & group 2 can participate):

There is the closeup of the Etude House Blush colour

This is what consists of the Lorac Palette - I haven't opened it so I can't take a photo of the contents inside (it's shrink wrapped)

Giveaway #2 for group 2 followers:

Rules & How to enter:

- Tell me something you are thankful for. It could be anything! I try to think about this at least once a day while I'm driving. I think it's important to take time to sit and take it all in; to really appreciate what you have in life. There is always someone out there that has it worse than you. I am so thankful for everything that I have in my life..I am thankful for having a computer to connect with people, for having a relatively healthy body, for having enough food in my fridge, for having wonderful family and friends that love me for who I am...it can be anything!


- Must be a follower of my blog
- One entry per person (if you're in Group 2 and you enter, I will calculate your entry automatically for the Group 2 giveaway)
- Open internationally
- Must obtain permission if you are under age (in your country)
- Giveaway will close November 23, 2010 11:59 pm EST
- Please leave your email address so that I can contact you

Extra entry (optional):
- post this giveaway on your blog = 2 entries (please state in your entry that you have posted it on your blog along with your blog address)

Winners will be chosen randomly and will be contacted via email. If you are the winner, you will have 5 days to respond with your address/info.

Items for Group 1 & Group 2:
- Social Beautyfly Lorac Palette
- Essie Summer Collection Nail Polishes x 4 bottles (each bottle 20 ml size)
- ELF 11 Piece Brush Collection
- Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara
- Seche Vite Top Coat
- Etude House blush in 02
- Etude House Dear Darling Glass in 11
- Forever 21 Earrings
- Phyto Botanical hair relaxing balm
- Nano Eye Mask - Bright up x2 masks
- The Face Shop Hyaluronic acid mask sheet
- My Beauty Diary Apple polyphenol mask
- The Face Shop Whitening body essence
*note: the beige coloured tube (a sun protective gel for your hair) will not be included, sorry!

Items for Group 2:
- The Face Shop Hyaluronic acid mask sheet
- My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
- The Face Shop oil blotting paper
- Etude House Oh~ m'eye lash double up volume mascara



  1. i am thankful for my wonderful kids and husband ... i am thankful for the small amount of friends i have becuz they are so loyal to me...i am also thankful for all the bad that ive had in my life becuz my life wouldnt be this good...my email is sweetapples223@yahoo.com

  2. I was going to say what jayecess said..
    my kids and my hub. love them so much.
    i follow
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  3. i am thankful for my parents, especially my mother! They've giving me GREAT support throughout my years, and without them, i'm sure i won't be such a jolly person that i am now. I'm really grateful of them for supporting me to canada:') I really realy really love them, and thank them for everything they've given me!!!
    my email: yimling627@yahoo.com.hk
    i've also posted this on my new blog:
    and thanks for the generous giveaway!

  4. I am thankful for my friends and thankful for love :) It's really sweet that you made this a giveaway rule, I know that when I'm having a hard time, I tend to dwell on the things I'm angry about and missing the things that I do have <3


  5. I am thankful for having supportive parents and friends that I can always count on for anything! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  6. I am very thankful for my sister, she is my go to girl, my best friend, and my confidant...she is actually younger than me, but she is quite wise for her age. I love her to death, she means everything to me =)


  7. I'm thankful for my family+my dog...for I forget my heartache, just because they are there :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  8. Yay! Your giveaway items are so fun! I am so thankful for my husband. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and it has been hard and magical both at the same time. He is my ultimate blessing.


  9. I am thankful for my family, and my good health. And for warm clothes as I watch it snow. Thank you for this giveaway!

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  12. Im a new follower and super excited! I would say that I am most thankful for my cat and dog, they are the world to me but im also thankful for my wonderful boyfriend!
    marloweopat at gmail dot com

  13. Hmm... I have a lot to be grateful for, and more recently I've realized how thankful I am to have loving family and friends to be there for me when I am in need.
    In times of stress, when I feel lonely, or need a shoulder to cry on.. my family and friends are there for me. I am SO grateful to be surrounded with loving and caring people. I don't think I could have made it out of sadness without them =)

    - Nat

  14. I am so thankful of having a great family and friends.If it was not because they do not know what my life would be .. Because they cheer me when the day is going wrong ..
    I am also very grateful for everything I have in my life because I know that many people do not have the same luck.
    And finally for having a mother who cares for me unlike my father .. But that does not care about and love her.


  15. Hey, I dropped by your blog because i was looking at the shiseido sale info. I will be going, if u want to go together, let me know!

    and I would love to enter this giveaway!

    my blog: http://sparklyplayground.blogspot.com/

    Thank you!

  16. i am thankful for having a roof over my head everyday when i come back from school. i most most thankful for my friends and family and all the love i receive from them <3!

    i belong in group 2 ;) also posted your give-away on my sidebar to spread the love! http://skinniegenes.blogspot.com/

    thanks <3!
    theskinniegenes at gmail dot com

  17. I am thankful for having wonderful and loving friends and family. Without their wonderful support I wouldn't know how I made through all the stressful and unhappy times of this year.

  18. HI ,
    I am a new follower shaimaa
    i would love to join your giveaway , please !

    I tweet about it here


  19. I am thankful for having blogger and the internet uniting me with thousands of other makeup enthusiasts like me when my caring friends and family could probably care less (I still love them tho!) :)

    ineedanametoo at hotmaildotcom

  20. Without sounding cheesy, I'm thankful for being free. Free to walk the streets whatever time of day. Free to say whatever I want, without being censored or fearing for my life. Free to dress the way I want ! Free to laugh, dance, sing. I'm so lucky to be living in a country that allows me these basic but essential freedoms !

    Thanks so much for this giveaway ;-)

  21. I also must mention, I love the fact that you're asking people to post what they're thankful for. It's actually pretty amazing that you do this everyday while driving ! I need to be more thankful ;-b

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  23. Did you go to the sale?!! I went super early this time... got there at 8am and still had 300 people head of me LOL. Some women were there at 6am!!!!

    Hun, I don't think I will be reposting this (because you know I am a lazy blogger hahah) but I'll retweet this so more people will know how wonderful you are =D I am thank for wonderful girls like you who read my blog; I am thankful for Mr.W who let me treat him like a slave sometimes (:p); I am thankful for family/friends who are there for me even though I am mostly a bratty princess. Most of all, I am thankful to be healthy because I met people who have hereditary genetics that do not allow them to be mobile in their daily lives, and for that I am thankful to God for providing for me.

    That's all! ^___^ Have a wonderful week! <3

  24. I forgot to put down email:

    ehlee (dot) soompi (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I am thankful for having the chance to study. Sometimes I feel really weird about life but actually...it's not that bad at all. I am helped a lot and I should just smile.

    aerolantern at gmail dot com

  26. I'm thankful for my parents and my brother. they're amazing and supportive, and i have no idea what i would do without them. i'm so thankful that they love me and care for me and that God was kind enough to put me in such an amazing family.(:

  27. p.s. i forgot to put my email address down: janelle.johnson17@gmail.com

  28. I'm thankful for my family. It's a little cheesy but even though we don't always get along I can't picture life without them.

    I'm a follower and my e-mail is orangeinsanity [at] hotmail [dot] com

    oh and here is a blog link:

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  30. I'm thankful for having my life now. For all moments in my life. My family, friends, education, all peoples around me. My life. :)

    Follow via GFC as Monik.
    Blog about this giveaway here.


  31. Hi there !
    I am already follower trough google friend connecter name liz. I would like to merry this gorgeous giveaway ♥ !
    I spread your giveaway in my blog here http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/10/october-or-november-giveaway.html
    I am so thankful for having a great bF. I know he is not romantic at all, but he knows every single little thing about me, about us. I always forget about my thing, and he remember it. I think it is the sign that he is really in love with me :)

    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  32. I am thankful for my two beautiful children and the laughter and sense of humor that they give me about life and all that it is. They are so cute.
    emsfsemsfs at gmail dot com