Sunday, May 2, 2010

My trip to India Part 1

Time really flies. It was about 1 year ago today that I packed my bags and headed to India for my best friend's wedding. Here are some photos that I took while I was there
(warning: pic heavy post)

It's hard to tell in the photos, but check out the intricate carving into the walls :o

Taj Mahal - it's SO beautiful in real life. It's just absolutely breathtaking. I was trying to get a photo with no one in it, but it's so crowded that it's hard to get that perfect shot. I got a shot of a kid taking a pose instead lol

We were stuck in traffic - all the tuk-tuks (auto-rickshaw) were squeezing their way through the busy streets

Yet another great photo that illustrates the intricate workmanship put into these walls and structures.

...missing India. Missing vacation time in general =\

I'll be around, but won't be able to post for awhile as I transition into my parents home, and then to my new place -- sorry! I'll try and post more often once I settle in (late May to early June)


  1. omgggg look at the architectural details on the buildings! i'm always blown away by the structure of these buildings! need to travel more! :P

  2. india looks sooo exotic! i've always wanted to visit but heard scary stories of people going missing O__O

  3. Lucky~! So cool you got to go over there. Those buildings are very pretty and detailed.

    LOL@ superwoolu comment.