Thursday, April 29, 2010

GTA bloggers: Lisa's Warehouse Sale

For those of you who live near Toronto, just wanted to give you the heads up that there will be a warehouse sale May 1-17, 2010 in Markham.

I personally have never been to one of these sales so I cannot comment on the prices and products. Has anyone visited this sale before - how is it?


  1. You.. are.. a.. GODDESS! Thank you for sharing! I've always wanted to go to the Lisa cosmetics sale.. but every year my mom doesn't T__T Hopefully *crosses fingers* I'll be able to go with my bf instead if everything works out! I also hope it's worth going to.. there better be good stuff or they'll get a little bit of my wrath haha jk jk XP

  2. yay for GTA bloggers! following you ;) i went to lisa's cosmetics last year and spendt about $50 there! it's pretty awesome from everyday use items like body lotion, shampoo, conditioner etc. and then they have random hair products and nail polishes galore in one section, i believe there is perfume and also estee lauder and smashbox products as well. i'm actually going this saturday you should too!!

  3. bwahaha thanks for sharing!! I am goinggggggg. see you and your wallet there 0:)

  4. aww thanks for sharing. have you been?? i notice there is smashbox products really tempted to go!

  5. Doing a big move back? Good luck! My arms are so sore after helping my sister move all her stuff.. there was soooo much stufffff...

    I went to the warehouse sale yesterday! It was so packed full of people! 45-1hr wait to get in, I felt like we were being herded like cattle hahaha!

  6. Hm.. I was waiting with my bf so it didn't feel like that long of a wait as it probably really is. We were lucky with parking though, got one really quick. That could also make a huge delay.
    Hm, if you're into drugstore then you're in luck (they had tons of clean and clear, neutrogena, body products and a ton of nail stuff and nail polishes).
    Good stuff for smashbox, really cheap but they sold out on some stuff I think. TONS of Elizabeth Arden stuff. And an insane amount of perfumes and cologne.
    I got a couple of smashbox things, but I didn't go crazy haha.

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