Thursday, April 15, 2010

Juicy and new trend?

Just took a couple of photos of my Juicy couture necklace that I bought from the online Hautelook sale

I believe the cost was under $30! As for the actual necklace, I haven't worn it yet. It's not really my style >_< It's kind of bulky for my liking. (strangely enough my bf likes it though). I was thinking of wrapping it around my wrist twice and using it as a bracelet instead haha Maybe if I pair it with a simple tank in the summer, it wont be so bad

annndd.... I was browsing channels the other day and this image caught my attention

Is this a new trend that I'm missing out on? Capri jeans with boots? hm....I suppose everyone has their own style. I'm sure many have looked at me at one point and wondered where I was getting my style sense from :P


  1. aahhh! lovveee juicy couture!! soo i am totally loving that necklace :D

  2. LOOOVEE JUICY!! so pretty! =) and OMG to that capri + boots look "/

  3. oh i actually like that necklace! usually i find juicy stuff kind of .... trashy :p I only buy their earrings but nothing else from their jewelry line.

  4. I like the bracelet idea. And capris with boots... not so much. ha ha.


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  5. What a lovely Juicy necklace! It doesn't look too chunky from here as I have some necklaces that are bigger than that lol.

    I like the inscription on it too!!

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