Thursday, May 13, 2010

How it all started

..and by "it" I mean cosmetics/skincare.

It started in Sept 2009. Prior to this, I only wore concealer for my undereye circles and curled my lashes and went out the door. I didn't care too much about my skin and I didn't wear any make up. I am a lazy person in general, so I couldn't see myself waking up extra early to apply make up. Never did I realize something called mineral make up. I just assumed that wearing make-up meant, taking out that foundation brush and applying a thick coat of liquid foundation - this was and never will be something I enjoy doing.

So what happend in Sept 2009? My best friend had her bday pre-party at a spa in Toronto. We spent a day pampering ourselves, got our mani/pedi's and at the end we decided to check out the make up that they had on display. It was Jane Iredale. The lady at the counter was kind enough to do everyone's make up (there were like 6 girls). I was so impressed with how the mineral make up gave me coverage, but it didn't look caked on. ..and the thing that sold me on the product was that it was easy to apply. Take a brush, swirl it around, and swirl it around on your face and you're done! woop woop - this stuff is for me! Unfortunately that day, I left the spa quite broke as I purchased the oh-so-famous Moon Glow and a pressed mineral powder compact. I am happy to announce for the first time in my life, I have hit pan on a product!

My current obsession is getting my skin to retain its moisture. These last couple of days for some reason I have been getting these really bad bad dry patches on my cheeks (>_< ) I also wouldn't mind losing the great pores of mine on my cheeks either.

How did it all start for you?


  1. Me too me too! I thought makeup was doing the whole sha-bang! Getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning.. putting on heavy eyeliner hahaha! I also a couple of months ago hit my first ever pan (my concealer!).
    Recently my skin was getting way out of whack too, dry patches and whatnot.. have you tried Philosophy Hope In A Jar? I applied it for the last 2 nights and my patches are practically gone! My skin is much better now. That thing is seriously a miracle worker.
    Thanks for joining my giveaway~! <3

  2. For me it all started with an eye liner, although let's not go look at photos from that era cos I looked positively goth! not on purpose, but bcos of the panda eyes that the liner gave me....yeah I guess I've come a long way since then!
    My skin likes to confuse me, all my life I've believed that I had oily skin, and now my T zone is chip basket oily, but my cheeks are dry -__- thank god for sheet masks and sleeping packs!

  3. Thanks for sharing your makeup story! I always enjoy reading how people get started into something they eventually fall in love with :) it's funny because i tried mascara before i tried an eyelash curler and use to hate mascara very much because it'd always give me raccoon eyes but never gave me that dramatic curl that mascara ads always have! you're much smarter than me at that age lol

  4. it started with my obsession to hord cosmetics... which some are still sitting unopened and unused... i'm such a shoppaholic :p

  5. Man.. I WISH they were Versace hahaha! No, they're by . Not very familiar with the brand myself but apparently they're a high class brand..? Ah whatev's it looks great on him =D

  6. It all started for me when I started watching youtube videos early last year! I always just wore undereye concealer, mascara and a bit of powder. Now my collection has grown substantially! I can't wait to start off my career one day and purchase more department brand items though :)

  7. Totally agree~! So many cute blushes out there in a wide range of colours that sometimes I have a hard time saying, "NO!" XD