Monday, May 10, 2010

GTA: Shiseido Warehouse sale!!!!!

Oh man...I told myself my next post would either be Natalie's tag or contest entry, but I just found out about this sale and I wanted to share it with you all

This weekend there will be a Shiseido Warehouse sale
May 14-17
Location: 303 Allstate Parkway, Markham
May 14: private sale 3-8 pm (invitation only)
My 16-17: Open to public (9-5 Sat and 9-3 Sun)
Apparently some of the the brands for sale are: Shiseido, Nars, Orlane, Zen, Cle de Peau, Issey Miyake etc ..

Someone noted that it took 4 hours to get in last year and that ppl waited since 6 in the morning for the Saturday opening.

Happy Shopping people! I unfortunately cannot make it again..missed out on the Lisa warehouse sale, and now missing out on this one! Darn - it's shiseido and nars too! (>_<)


  1. Bah!Bah!and triple BAH!
    Why do these sales never come to the West Coast??!!!!!!so unfair -__-
    the 4 hour wait doesn't sound appealing tho... I rem how people cheated the queue for the H&M x Jimmy Choo release, they put their names on paper cups and said that was their place keeper!!!

  2. OH NO! NARS?! i'm going to miss this since i'll be in florida! ><

  3. Sounds exciting! I wish they would have sales like this closer to downtown though, since I normally get around by TTC.

  4. Haha!! I think this post is much more important though hehehe. Thanks for sharing these kinds of events. Sadly I won't be able to go either because it's all the way in markham again!! Why is everything in markham?!! Plus too long of a wait.. that's just insane.. 6 IN THE MORNING? Man.. too bad since I use Shiseido.

  5. I've been to this sale many times and yes lining up at 6am in the morning is worth every little bit because you are the first or second batch of people they let in. which means you get first dibs on things before it gets real pack in there and all the pushing begins. For certain skincare items they do sell out and make up as well. super good deals for shiseido and nars make up!!! They have 2 sales a year one that is during the fall/winter time. Since is more colder during that time of the year is less busy compare to the upcoming one.

  6. i'm going with my sister!!!!!!! omgosh i missed the Lisa sale already :( but 6am is too hardcore... i think i will show up at 10am and see what is left to pick up :p

  7. Could you tell me what state this event was in? How can I get updates on this same event for next year? Appreciate very much if you could give me the contact info. of a person in charge of this event. I really want to go to their next event since I have never been there b 4. Shiseido is my favorite brand!!!

  8. This event was held in Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately I only posted this information when I found out about it from someone else. Sorry I don't have the info regarding the organizers. (Sorry I can't contact you because you left no contact info...hopefully you'll come back to this post and read this)

  9. Thanks missmicchan. I live in the States so do you know if there will be a warehouse sale in the States sometimes later. Thanks. You can contact me at