Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NOTD, food and pretty necklace

Happy humpday (ie Wednesday)! I received a FULL sample of this China Glaze nail polish in my loosebutton subscription last year.  I never tried this nail polish b/c I assumed it was a dark brown colour and didn't feel like wearing a dark colour like this until recently.  I was plesantly surprised to see this nail polish being a dark plum colour with small tiny gold shimmer - gorgeous!! Love love!!! The colour is China Glaze #668 side-saddle
My apologizes, this photo was taken after several days of wear

Can you see the small golden shimmer?! So pretty! :)

(btw, Loose Buttons is one of those monthly subscriptions where you receive samples from various companies.  For more info:  I have stopped my subscription after several months as I have a vast collection of sample makeup/skincare that I need to use up first)

I had a double date the other weekend: went to EDO Restaurant in Toronto to take advantage of the Winterlicious prices/meals.  To be honest with you, I had low expectations of this restaurant as it being a Japanese restaurant.  I hope I don't offend anyone with this comment, but many Japanese restaurants aren't own by Japanese people and chefs aren't usually Japanese...for this reason, the food is just ok/avg/good.  Growing up eating Japanese food daily, I'm quite picky and am rarely impressed with Japanese restaurants, but EDO Restaurant was a plesant surprise :) The chef came and spoke to us after as well - a very nice encounter!

This plate may look quite normal, but it was very good!

I also purchased a necklace from Forever 21 and I love how the colours shine :)

Also, on a side note, lately my eyes are attracted to neutrals: creme, ivory, taupe, muted pinks, corals, peach colours lol I guess I'm becoming more 'girly' (I'm actually quite a tomboy if I let myself go) lol

Have a great week everyone! ^_^

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  1. That purple polish is so pretty! I've been looking for a very dark purple almost black polish (no shimmers!) but to no avail. I agree with the whole authenticity of a restaurant. I don't think the chef has to necessarily be the ethnicity of food they're cooking, as long as they have had special training in the country of origin or was an apprentice of a very reputable chef who specializes in those dishes. The food looks so fresh and yummy by the way =)