Monday, September 27, 2010

no excuse

O.m.g....My last post was 1 month ago?! Sorry, I have been totally MIA- but for valid reasons I promise! I'll be back, just wanted to quickly post a 'hello'! It has been extremely busy at work + family emergency = mia on blogger :P

On a good note, I have purcahsed some things for a giveaway! I don't know why I'm doing a giveaway since I don't have many followers, but I just wanted to give back :) I purchased 3 Lorac palettes when Hautelook had that sale a couple of days ago and realized that my bf will kick me out of the house if he found out I bought all 3 for'll put one of those palettes in the giveaway ;)

ok lovelies...Ill ttys!


  1. Haha I'm pretty sure a lot of girl can relate! I'm currently catching up on blogs now haha!

  2. LOL just read your comment on my blog. Haha samples, don't you just love em? Seriously I have a suspicion that I subconsciously don't use them so that I feel like I have ALL these products yet to be 'opened'. Hahaha, how sad -.-
    Hm, you should let us know what sunscreens worked and what didn't. That way I can avoid those bad ones too!