Thursday, September 30, 2010

Really old OOTD and Holt Renfrew question

:) I found these old photos on my computer so decided to share it with you!

Yes...I know my legs are pasty and pale...and yes I know I look ghostly unhealthy. I am made aware of this by my friends all the time :P

I'm loving the crossbody purses - it makes things a lot easier to carry around. I hate it when some shoulder bags just don't want to stay on your shoulder and they keep falling down to your arm!

Top: Walmart!!!! (this the the first top I have ever bought from there, but I must say, it is quite comfortable) The cute part, that you can't really see in the photos, is that it has little gold buttons on the shoulders. I like the fact that it has the whole nautical theme going on
Cardigan: Zara
Shorts: dont remember, but probably somewhere like Garage or one of those outlet stores
Purse: Winners - cheap london fog but I get a lot of compliments on it :P
Nails: Revlon's minty
Necklace: Lisa Taubes 42" gold filled chain
Bracelets: gold + silver bangles from David Smallcombe


I have a question for those of you who shop at Holt Renfrew - I have never purchased anything from that store, but am very interested in doing so. I would like to purchase a LV purse, but I hear that you can't use holt renfrew gift cards toward any LV items? Is this true? I tried contacting Holt R but not response :( !! (-1 for bad customer service)

Happy end of summer folks!


  1. Cute outfits! and I'm just as pale as you ToT
    As far as I know, LV at HR accepts HR gift cards :)

  2. Cute outfit ^^ I'm digging the purse too, I actually thought that it was Marc by MJ from far away hehe Hmmm as far as I know, you can use gift cards toward anything in the store since the gift card technically serves as money in the form of plastic...AND it's already paid for! Yeah, sometimes customer service is kind of lacking there, snobbery runs rapid :X

  3. Wow, that purse is from Winners?! I so need a shoulder bag myself. I get so darn tired of carrying a purse on my shoulder or arm... especially when I want to carry my camera around too -.-
    Oh wow! LV purchase? Sounds exciting! I can't wait until one day (farrrr into the future) I can go get my own LV bag too ^^

  4. Hi!

    It's Cheryl here - Interactive Marketing Manager at Holt Renfrew. My apologies that no one got back to you (not sure who you contacted), but wanted to let you know that YES, Holt Renfrew gift cards can indeed be used at our LV boutiques in-store. They can be used towards any purchase in-store.

    Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!