Sunday, August 29, 2010

Canadian National Exhibition

Ahhhh CNE means end of summer! I went to the Canadian National Exhibition on Friday to shop (as I do every year). I go early in the morning so I miss the crowd and I try to go during a weekday instead of a weekend - I mean I can't handle the crowds anymore. Took a couple of pics with my camera phone lol LOL wow ...bacon covered in chocolate? wow...If you are interested in trying the deep fried butter, go in the morning..the lineup is shorter.

Shopping at the CNE: The first place I hit up was the Direct Energy center and went to the area where they had the clothing for sale. I always go here and always end up finding great deals. I bought a whole bunch of shirts/shorts for $5 and $10 !!! awesome :D Then I walked around where they have the international booths and bought a whole bunch of random things. One thing I bought that I really enjoy is my bonsai tree :) Just a head's up, there is a booth that is selling Konad nail art. The basic package with 2 palettes, stamp, 3 small nail polishes was $35. If you want to make your own package I think the lady said it was $45. I didn't end up getting the Konad b/c I can't see myself using it very often, but what I did end up buying were 2 China Glaze nail polishes $5 each. Don't know if that's a good deal or not because I've never purchased China Glaze before. OPI was going for $10 - I thought that was too expensive. The colour below was the nail polish I purchased at the CNE - me likey!

I took some photos of my OOTD and half my face so I'll try and get that up for the next post :)
Hope you have a good week!


  1. I guess the CNE is the TO equivalent of our PNE?
    Oh dude, chocolate wrapped bacon???!! Fried butter???!! that sounds utterly disgusting! yet...oddly....tempting at the same time...
    re the MSF, it provides a medium coverage at best, but it's very matte and covers pores and redness quite well. I like it for when I can't be bothered with putting on foundation.
    I can't do those circle lenses, every time I blink, my eyelids scrape over them cos they're too big and my eyes also feel tired and turn red in less than a hour. Le sigh...there goes my dreams of looking like a Popteen model :(

  2. Omg... I heard about how they were serving the fried butter there =S I wouldn't go near that haha. Yay for CNE! I love going there. Hopefully I'm going tomorrow with my bf, that's the plan anyway =)
    That bonsai tree = too awesome for words.

  3. keep asking around for those mac tix next come in dec, u never know who has them!

    did u try the butter?? i've heard nothing but amazing things haha. i'm the same with crowds, i haven't been back in years because of it

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I was there opening day...didn't see the deep-fried butter, not that I would have tried it. Chocolate and bacon together are amazing though!

    Btw, I really like your blog header - so pretty!

  5. yay! sounds like you had lots of fun! CNE is so fun :) i look forward to it every year! and i was SO excited they had DOMO! :p