Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics 2010 & NOTD

So as you all know the Olympics are being held in Canada this year. Starting last year, The Hudson's Bay Company has been airing this commercial with all the Olympic wear and I saw this one sweater that I have been wanting for the longest time. Every time I visited the Bay, it was sold out. I tried multiple locations - all sold out :(

One day, I got a call from my sister telling me that Zellers actually had some in stock! I ended up in Zellers and picked myself up this sweater and a pair of the mittens that you see everyone wearing on tv :)

The sweater is SUPER warm :) I bought the large size so I can wear it with some leggings and boots. It has CANADA written on the back, pretty simple

The mittens were $10 - proceeds go to support our Olympic athletes. As per Zellers' website, they have raised over $4 million with these mittens!

Are you following the Olympics? I hope you're all enjoying it so far and are able to see what Vancouver, Canada is all about^^

Colour is: Play Fair. It's a cute pink/purple colour^^. I was in a rush and didn't put on a top coat, but it has lasted for several days now - not bad, eh? (btw, I put on 2 coats)

..and...I apologize, I have to post some swatches and reviews.. >_<.. soon to come!


  1. Lol I really want that jersey too! it's so typically Canadian, with the moose pattern xD
    It's impossible to get into the Official Olympic store tho, you have to wait in a queue and it goes out the door and around the corner of the street!
    Enjoy the games sweetie, GO CANADA GO!!! ahaha I should really go support my home team too T.T but we have only 2 athletes xD

  2. Lol ya I cheer between Canada and Japan ahah!

  3. Awwwwwww GO CANADA...hahahahaaa it looks really cute and warm hehehee....and thanks for your sweet comment =P I hope you'll have an amazing day. take care

    Love, Cydia

  4. Yeahhh Canada! Wow I didn't know that Canadian Olympic gear would sell so quickly. I remember seeing that stuff laying around all year round.. I still have to go out and get my Olympic gear! >< I hope it's not too late!! =S

  5. It's really cool that the Olympics are held in Canada , r u going to watch any games?
    I love ur sweater, it's so cute^^

  6. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I'm not located in Vancouver..I'm in Toronto :( I would LOVE to live in Vancouver - It's such a beautiful place to live!

    So with that said..I'm watching the Olympics from my tv at home haha ^^

  7. i was at zellers the other day and the whole section with the olympics stuff was so crowded! i really wanted the hoodie in black, but it was sold out. so i checked out the bay & they didn't have it either. i ended up buying a white tshirt that says canada in red. ^_^ btw, nice nailpolish!