Monday, February 22, 2010

Blush Swatches

So here are some blushes I use more frequently + the blush I just purchased for $1 at the Body Shop Outlet in Niagara Falls :)

1. Colorbox in #11
2. MAC MSF in Petticoat
3. Cargo in Sunset Beach BB-06
4. EDM in Snuggle

This picture is by the window in natural light - no flash

This picture is in just regular room lighting - no flash

Here are the swatches. From left to right: swatches in flash, no flash in washroom, no flash by the window (natural light)

I didn't realize how some of these blushes are so similar in colour!

1. The colourbox is used occasionally when I feel like I want pink cheeks :) I find that this blush stays on longer throughout the day than the other blushes.

2. The MAC one is nice once in a while when I want like a shimmer, but I'm starting to dislike the shimmery stuff. I'm finding that I don't reach for it as often as I used to. It has more of a pinky tone to it.

3. The cargo blush (#3) on the photos is a lot more bronze in colour than I thought it would be. I suppose you could still choose the specific colours you want from the cargo as the colours are split into 4 sections. It's only alright... I find it that it's not as well pigmented as my EDM - which is good b/c sometimes I put on way too much blush lol (i'm still a newb). I like the cargo for little darker colour - I think i'll use it more often when it's summer and my skin tone is darker. It's kind of shimmery too.
Here is the swatch of the individual strips found in the Cargo Blush. The swatches correspond to the the photo up at the top. (use my middle finger, the most bronze colour, as the reference). Not as pigmented as I thought it would be.

4. I'm enjoying the Everyday minerals one right now -it's a peachy blush and it's slightly shimmery. It gives me a nice healthy glow, not too dark for my skin tone and not too light as well. (I get compliments when I'm wearing this one) ^_^

The Body Shop blush is a Roseflower Blush in 02 Fuschia. As you can see the sparkles on the blush, it doesn't get transferred to your skin,'s not really as sparkly as you may think it is. As soon as you open the compact, you can smell the scent of roses. I like it, but you may not if you're not fond of scents. The smell doesn't transfer onto your cheeks lol

The bottom swatch is the Body Shop One. The top line swatch is the Colorbox blush. From left to right: swatches in flash, no flash in washroom, no flash by the window (natural light). I haven't actually tried out the Body Shop blush yet..I keep forgetting I have it ahah I will try it out soon! It looks so pretty!

Question to you all: How do you help keep the colour on throughout the day? I find that my blush is totally gone by the time I get home from work :( Do you do touch-ups during the day?


  1. glad you fixed your layout!! I definitely need to make a trip to niagara falls cuz you got such a great deal!! the colorbox blush looks really cute!!

  2. Ya i THINK they still have that sale going on until the end of the month :)

  3. All gorgeous blush colours! I tend to buy similar range blush colours -.-
    You know what? I find the same thing happening to me sometimes with my blush. I haven't really paid attention LOL but I think I have noticed that my Dior one stays put.

  4. Thanks for your comment, I guess I have to spend more $$ to have a better quality me a good reason to make a trip to the mall ;) tee hee