Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back from Japan!

Hello all, it's be a long time.  This is just a quick post to share with you my travels to Tokyo, Japan.  There are TOO many things to post about Japan so I'll trickle them in post by post.  I've also uploaded a short video on youtube about a very neat touchscreen vending machine :)

click for the youtube video

As you already know, the products in Japan are just so cute....I wish we had them here in Canada.  This is only some of the stuff I purchased while I was there. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff I got this time was food.  I took 2 suitcases down with me and 1 was literally filled with ALL food items haha

These are tabs : so cute!
More to come...stay tuned :)


  1. Welcome back!! I love stationary as well (even though I'm not in school anymore)! Can't wait to see the food items and hear more about your trip! :)

  2. Welcome back home! Japan must've been so much fun! You got some neat things there. I would haul back a ton of food too haha. Can't wait for your upcoming posts!

  3. Phew! You make me feel so much better about grad. For a sec I was totally freaking out haha. And you're right, I'm more happy that I made it to graduation than what I'm actually wearing on the day =)

  4. When our mint was out of control, we used to give it away to family friends too! Hahaha.