Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michael Kors Watch

drumroll please.... it has finally arrived!

My MK Watch! I contemplated for awhile whether to get the gold or the black. A lot of ppl have the gold and well, summer is over, so I decided to get the black one instead :D My first reaction was "damn this is heavy" lol It's a nice sturdy watch (a little big for my whimpy wrists), but still love it nonetheless! I will definitely get the one in gold or the one in tortise next! The watch is #MK5191 and purchased it for $189.62 CAD. After taxes + shipping I think it came out to approximately $220 CAD.

I purchased it from (now that I think about it, not sure why I didn't just go to the store at Sherway lol) I just checked to see if they have it online, but looks like it's sold out! (sorry guys) EDIT: I went to the Michael Kors Store at sherway today and she sales rep told me it was $285, meaning after taxes I saved a whopping $100!!! wow

You can check out the men's version of it here or the sold out women's version here

Ok...seriously no more shopping, I gotta start saving for xmas! Oh..and thanks for your help with the previous post regarding Holt Renfrew. I have decided to hold off on the LV purse for now for many valid reasons :( It will have to wait... I told myself that I should have AT LEAST 6 months pay saved up before buying anything big. I remember reading on a forum somewhere - this girl said that she just got an increase in her credit card and that she was gonna go out and buy an LV purse b/c of it! whoa whoa...ppl, please don't view your credit card as money in your pocket! Save up for big purchases and pay it in full - that way you don't have to worry about paying interest and the item is all yours :) I mean, using your cc is a great way to build your credit rating, but don't use it if you can't pay it off :)

Have an awesome week - upcoming posts: NOTD, small review on 2 diff eyeshadow primers and that darn fiberwig mascara :D


  1. Love your new watch!^^ I love clunky black ones myself too hehehe <3

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  3. The gold and black is really really nice. I got a black watch for my boyfriend a couple years ago for Christmas and boy does it look nice especially when compared to all the silver watches floating about (haha I have a silver watch myself). It's like cars! You know how silver was SO in not too long ago that everyone had it haha.. not so bad now, but hey bottom line is your watch stands out babe! And you got such a good deal too! Darn these Canadian stores and their overpriced stock >=(
    And definitely a good financial mindset Missmicchan! Wouldn't want to feel buyer's remorse especially when it has to do with LV purses~ loveeeee! In no time, that baby will be yours and it'll be SO worth it after the long wait =)

  4. what a beautiful splurge!! :) i could never pull off big watches like that :( and i just bought a fiberwig mascara! can't wait to try it out :)

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