Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stila 40% off sale at Hautelook

I have been MIA for quite some time ...sorry! >_< I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I'm working 2 FT jobs (or so it seems..realistically it's probably 1.5 FT lol) b/c of my new position at my company, planning my sis' wedding, and selling my place and buying a new house...gah!

sorry, I should get back into the groove of things soon! *crosses fingers* I have SO many haul posts: Forever 21, Hautelook - Juicy couture and Lorac, Lush, and so I'll keep you guys posted! Please wait for me....

Just a quick msg: Hautelook is selling Stila for 40% off - I am tempted to purchase some things, but I have to save $ since I want to purchase a home. Trying to be responsible for once :P

link: or you can go directly to and sign up!

Happy Shopping!


  1. wow... planning a wedding is a lot of work!! i got my lorac stuff!! it took soooo long ><

    i cant wait for your haul ^__^

  2. Hi babes!! so sorry I missed you when you came to Vancouver! T.T I was so looking forward to our meet!
    you must come back again!! then I can take you to eat eat eat!
    Don't let work stress you out too much! I look forward to all your hauls!

  3. Ooooh wow you have so much going on! I wish you luck and hopefully in the summer we'll all be more settled down to enjoy ourselves once more! =D

  4. Hey! I didn't do a swatch because I don't have the right lense for closeup shots -.- but when the blush is swirled together it creates this sort of coral pinkish colour if that makes any sense haha!