Monday, July 29, 2013

New Blog

Well hello there...

I'm alive and sweating like a pig in Tokyoland Japan.  It's been about half a year since moving here and I can finally say I am somewhat comfortable with my environment.  I am still not used to this heat and humidity though ..ugh.  It's SO humid... SO SO humid.

Anyway, I don't know if any of you still follow me (kudos to you if you do), but I have decided to create a new blog.  My interest for cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, fashion etc has significantly dropped since moving here and I wanted to create more of an everyday blog.  A place where I could share whatever it is I wanted to.  Hopefully one day, I'll have enough cash flow to indulge (how can I not, I'm in Tokyo!!!)..and when I do, I'll be blogging about it!

My new blog is here:

I hope you will join me there ;)
Much love for your continued support!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My life via instagram

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season and you had a very Merry Christmas! I can't believe how fast it came and went this year.  I hope you all got to relax a bit, ate a lot of yummy food and surrounded yourself with awesome xmas movies and laughter :) 

I have been having a hard time keeping up with blogging (no surprise there), but hopefully once my move is complete and I am settled in, I will be able to share with you my new surroundings (in Tokyo, Japan!).  In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my life - instagram style~!  I just find it easier to just take a photo and then post it up in an instant instead of having to log into blogger and updating here.  Feel free to add me on instagram @missmicchan :)

From top left: a photo from our engagement photo shoot (taken by Lakeshore Park Lawn), I took hubby to a Calphalon cooking class for his bday since he loves to cook, used picfx app to decorate the bottom 2 photos.
Left: Went to NYC for a trip and found cute Hello Kitty items at Fao Swartz, Right: A very foggy NYC covering Rockefeller Center

Left: Ate at GoGoCurry - very good, Right: NYC in Lego
Love to take photos of food.  The photo on the right is actually only 10 chicken wings!  One piece was HUGE! (at a restaurant in NYC)

OOTD, Red blazer for $15 at H&M (which I didn't end up buying), new Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac purse (I LOVE!!), somewhat new ombre glasses from Zoft in Japan (used picfx app to decorate)

I have tried many ramen places in Toronto and the hubby and I have FINALLY found a place that we thought was good.   The left one: Santouka (recommended!), Right: Sansoutei (it's alright), and the other ramen places were just ok too (ie. wouldn't go back if we had a choice)

Top Left: Halifax trip for work, Beautiful sunset by cheltenham badlands, Niagara Falls

The wedding :) We had it at the Sunnybrook Estates: Mclean house and it was amazing.  Will hopefully post most photos from the wedding
Some posts I have been thinking of doing: 
- Wedding
- Jewelmint haul: the pieces I got from my mystery box
-  Christmas, Birthday, Boxing day, NYC Haul

That's it folks! I hope you all have a very wonderful and safe holiday season and a joyous New Year!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

well hello there stranger...

Let me start off by saying I thought I was too old for school, but I got it all wrong. I went back to school full time and loved it~! My term has just ended and I can't believe how fast it went :s All I can say is : stay in school kids. I have so much respect for those people that continuously yearn to learn for more. I'm not saying you have to go back to school to learn more, simply picking up a book or a newspaper and using your brain is great :)

 Im tying the knot in a week I have so much to do. help. Here's a couple of videos about some jewelmint pieces I got recently. All I gotta say is that I'm impressed with jewelmint. Their pieces so far seem to be quite sturdy (and they better be since they're regularly $30 a pop), and I like that fact that the next girl doesn't have the same piece as I do.

that's it for now..but I'll be back :) Have a good weekend

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beautiful Banff Alberta Canada

So I decided to use my aeroplan points and fly off to some place in Canada I have never been before: Banff, AB.  I have heard such great things about this place and since both the fiance and I love the outdoors so much, we decided to go for it! This is one place you MUST visit (if you're going to visit Canada).  It's simply breathtaking! We were very lucky since we had such beautiful weather the whole time :)

First stop of course is Lake Louise.  This is an alternate view of the lake (we had to hike up to get here)Check out how beautiful the water is!  To be honest though, Lake Louise is slightly overrated.  We found TONS of beautiful lakes and mountains to look at :p
So we were on our way from Banff to the Columbia Ice Fields and I decided to stop (right before Saskatchewan cross roads) and what a gem this was.  Hardly anyone was here since most people stop at the SK cross roads and I'm so glad we stopped here.  WOW Just wow... Fiance actually cooked up some rice and curry in a small burner and we had a very nice warm lunch with a breaktaking view :)

That's him warming up the curry using the burner ( one around! lol)

Beautiful Lake Peyto

Lake Moraine: best lake we visited IMO.  I liked this lake a lot more than Lake Louise.  We were told that this lake is very pretty close to sunset and the parking isn't as bad during that time as well :)  We got 'lucky' with the parking.  Long story short, there was a huge line up of cars for parking spots, I let a guy in before me since he seemed like he was waiting for a long time - cut to the chase- he ended up getting a parking spot and so did I :)
Of course we had some noodles while we enjoyed the view of Lake Moraine

Another random stop on the road - stunning!

Saw 4 bears during our trip :)
Banff city at night

I have so many more photos, but I don't want to bombard you with Banff.  It was such an experience I will never forget.  What are some places you have been that are 'must visits'? 
On a side note: sometimes I just want to blog about some random stuff.  Mostly things about my wedding these days (since I'm getting married later this year). I just can't imagine how some people spend so much money on one single day. Also, doesn't the bride/groom ever feel bad asking friends to cough out all this money for one single couple? Can you imagine having to attend 5 weddings in a year.  Each wedding there is: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) party, stag and doe etc..That's a lot of money! >_<...what are your thoughts?

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Videos

It's been awhile. Sorry :( I have just transitioned from my full time job and it's been a crazy ride lately. Here are some videos that I recently uploaded onto Youtube

Some foods I had in Japan

August Topbox unboxing

I went away to Banff, Canada for a little vacation and will post some photos shortly! I know I also have to do my purse haul of of these days as well - especially because I just recently added a new purse to my recent collection :S

Talk soon xo

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Topbox 2012 unboxing YT video

Just a quick video on my July Topbox.  I also purchased some House of Harlow pieces and did a mini-review as well :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yumeko’s Weekly Photo Challenge #7 – Vacation Edition

I have been following Yumeko and she has these weekly photo challenges and decided to take it up for this week :)

1. Somewhere you visited on your last vacation
I apologize as my last vacation was Japan (sorry if it's repetitive)


Fiance and I went to a ryokan that had a private onsen (hot springs bath) on our balcony.  I LOVED it, we could go in whenever we wanted to and the water was hot hot hot! Love! 

2. Something you bought on your last vacation

I decided to hit up the Burberry Blue Label store as they don't sell this in Canada.  More to come on this topic :s I ended up buying FOUR purses while I was in Japan OMG >____<

3. Something you ate on your last vacation

Went to a restaurant called Sansui - so yummy (and look how much food there is) ^^
Of course when you go to Japan, you MUST try desserts there.  It just doesn't compare with our sad selection of pies and cheesecakes lol There's an endless amount of options in Japan and I always find that it's a lot lighter ... so I can eat more haha >_<"

4. A ticket/bill/receipt from your last vacation

Unfortunately cannot find anything...:S sorry about that!

5. The number one place where you live, that you think people should visit

Of course...the almighty Niagara Falls
I suppose I could have posted something like the CN tower, but to be honest with you, I think Niagara Falls is a MUST! Although it may take a little over an hour to get there from Toronto, it's just breathtaking! The power of the falls is just so incredible! I remember hearing somewhere that Niagara is the #1 honeymoon destination in the world lol Don't know if this is true, but it's a definite must go!

....last but not least, here's a video on YT that I just posted about my trip to japan

Have an awesome week everyone!